Behind SewingSophia

Welcome! I’m Sophia Correia a.k.a Sewing Sophia. I live in a small and quaint village located between the mountains and the ocean with my husband, our son and two cats. 

Homemade and handmade, finding inspiration and creativity, loving deeply and being loved is a way of life. My happy way of life.
I have a degree in Interior Design but somehow along the way I ended up working as a flight attendant. We all need to put food on the table, and even though I was having fun and making money, a big part of me craved a creative lifestyle. Because that’s who I am.  I am a homemaker, a cook, a crafter, a quilter, a creative soul. 

When the aviation industry was over for me I was pregnant with my baby. He was born with a kidney problem. He has had two major kidney surgeries and has been admitted to hospital several times. Seeing my little baby in a hospital bed repeatedly caused me to start having these horrible episodes called panic attacks. If you ever had or experienced a panic attack, you know what I mean. It’s horrible. I started being afraid to leave the house, having to drive somewhere was a nightmare. But I forced myself to do it anyway. I was determined not to let these episodes take the best of me.

This creative blog helped me to talk about all those challenges and stay connected to that part of me that was real and fulfilling. My creative projects. They helped me craft a life that was soaked in love and inspiration and helped me keep my mind busy doing something I love instead of constantly thinking about the problems I was facing. I don’t have panic attacks anymore and my baby is fine. Right now I keep focused on the good, the happy, the creative things

My goal is to inspire and help you in any way I can, time and time again. I am here for you. Start creating, start loving, start surrounding yourself with all the things that make you feel good, worthy, loved, appreciated and bottom line happy! 

Take care,
Go ahead and visit! : www.sewingsophia.com


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